Setting goals: make invisible into the visible

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin!

    – Mother Teresa
    This is my first experience in writing as a blogger.

Over the years, there have been plenty of days when the world felt like it was caving in – blocking the light, blocking the hope. Digital technology offers an amazing opportunity to extend business opportunities for all companies in different size, and let ideas and entrepreneurs to come into the field and build their ideas easier and sooner.

Let’s face it – what I am right now trying to bring for my readers is what I’m learning day by day in my career in IT industry, or perhaps to be more specific in the DevOps industry, particularly in the public cloud sphere. There is a tacit assumption that in today SAAS based organizations: various tools and environment for our project to run and to deliver, required various skills of different levels of a project cycle, from planning, analyzing, implementing, quality assurance, to deploying, maintenance, and scaling.

With so much great content on the web and so many people writing about DevOps, It is definitely a challenge for me to step in this area and writing new topics. DevOps is included but not limited to many different technologies, a mixture of programming, operation, network admin, a lot of cloud tools, continuous integration, deployment and agile, automation and testing, and more.

The DevOps concept is built around a group of people who believe that their plan and application cab be evolved with appropriate technology and attitude development and delivery. The people who are striving to do better and committed to continuous growth, both personally and as a team. So, the DevOps is a team thought to push the envelope with a multidisciplinary skill set, to build up infrastructure and do configuration, to write test cases and debug the features in a fast pace environment.

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