My Profile

I’m an Operation Engineer. Officially, my job is to use different open source technologies and tools, to focus on business outcomes with collaboration and reaching across functional borders and open communication. It is more about steering the business forward and providing it with a stronger technological advantage. I work with frequent, incremental code testing, and deployment and have a strong grasp of automation tools almost all over the cloud. I started my career in Telecom operation and am continuing on SAAS based companies over a public cloud.

DevOps is a concept. DevOps ThoughtWorks are to be collaborative, be Cross-functional, available to the team, and be open and who documents and discuss, and makes his work visible to others, who wants to automate everything, not doing anything twice manually! And who a passion for learning and building new tools to automate, measure or report around development process, testing and deployments has. Basically, DevOps is the idea that the development and operations side of a business have to work together. Everyday learning new tools and integrating technologies.I have a background in database and analytics that is aligned with my career. It includes web digital analysis, Interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques and providing ongoing reports and acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases/data systems. My current tools are here. It is technology and it is changing every day.