Tableau vs. SAP BOC

I started working with Tableau in my previous job and really liked what I could do with it. And recently in SAP I worked with Business Object. Here just I’ve looked at the market of these two products briefly without any bias. Tableau is a BI-focused software company that produces a wide range of interactive […]

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

  Single sign-in and then logging many applications; this is what SAML have, one-time authenticate with password and log-in many apps or service providers without a password. SAML is Security Assertion Markup Language. It is secure XML based communication mechanism for communicating identities between organizations. The primary use case of SAML is a standard for […]

Setting goals: make invisible into the visible

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin!” – Mother Teresa This is my first experience in writing as a blogger. Over the years, there have been plenty of days when the world felt like it was caving in – blocking the light, blocking the hope. Digital technology […]

Docker 4th Anniversary

On Mar.15.2017, there was a great Meetup in Vancouver, BC on Hootsuite place, including celebrating the Docker 4th birthday and an awesome hands on for running docker container from scratch. Thanks, Mark Allen (@markcallen), the Organizer of Docker-Vancouver meet up. We were excited to celebrate Docker’s 4th birthday by experiencing hands-on courses and labs. I […]